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Multimodal measurement smart lab
Research Activities

High-temperature processes for energy & environmental materials

Fukuyama laboratory studies novel processes for energy & environmental materials based on chemical thermodynamics with high-temperature thermophysical property measurements. Currently, we are developing new crystal growth processes to bring a breakthrough in nitride-semiconductor devices such as ultraviolet optical devices utilized in environmental and medical fields and power devices. Thermophysical properties of materials are needed for modeling heat & mass transfer in material processes. A thermophysical property measurement system at ultra-high temperature has been developed in our laboratory, which enables accurate measurements of heat capacity, thermal conductivity, emissivity, density and surface tension of high-temperature melts, utilizing electromagnetic levitation in a dc magnetic field. This technique makes a great contribution to various material industries.

High-temperature thermophysical property measurement system (PROSPECT)

In-situ observation of crystal growth of aluminum nitride