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Bio-spectroscopic measurement Smart lab
Research Activities

Visualization of reactions and structural changes in biomolecules

Proteins, which are important constituents of life, play various essential roles including cell signal transduction and in vivo catalytic reactions. The three-dimensional structure of a protein is deeply correlated with such functions, and it has been a great deal of interest in structural changes of a protein at work. New techniques are needed to capture the movement of nano-sized proteins on a fast time scale (femtoseconds to milliseconds) at the atomic level. 
In our laboratory, we aim to visualize the chemical reactions and structural changes that actually occur in a protein with high temporal and spatial resolution using quantum beams such as X-ray free electron lasers and synchrotron radiation. Using the developed technology, we will reveal reaction mechanisms of various proteins including photoreceptor proteins and enzymes that catalyze unique reactions. In addition, we aim to design and create a new protein molecule based on the obtained dynamic structural information.