Electronics Smart Lab

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Electronics Smart Lab
Research Activities

Development of novel electronic materials and search for functional properties using advanced electron spectroscopies

We develop new high-resolution spectrometers based on spin-ARPES and micro/nano-ARPES. Using such systems, we clarify key electronic states of novel functional materials. Our targets are the following.
  1.  Discovery of new topological materials and investigation of electronic states in spintronic materials.
  2.  Search for new topological superconductors which are useful for topological quantum computation.
  3.  Investigation of atomic-layer materials such as graphene and transition-metal dichalcogenides and control of Dirac electrons. 
  4.  Mechanism of superconductivity in high-temperature superconductors and fabrication of new superconducting hybrids.
  5.  Operando analysis of key band parameters and chemical characteristics in electronic devices.

High-resolution ARPES spectrometer constructed in the laboratory.