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Promotion of the usage of synchrotron light for food and agriculture

Food and agriculture are essential for our health and social economy. However, the usage of synchrotron lights has not been necessarily active in these fields. In the Next-Generation Synchrotron Radiation Facility, a highly brilliant soft X-ray suitable for biological samples is supplied, and technological assistances by SRIS are available. Furthermore, the synchrotron facility is adjacent to the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University. This facility location enables academic support and usage of university equipment (the antibacterial and antivirus units installed in cooperation with SRIS, animal facility, plant cultivation field, food processing facilities, etc.). The Graduate School of Agricultural Science recently set up the Center for Agricultural and Life Sciences using Synchrotron Light (A-Sync). The Agriculture/Food Smart Lab will promote the usage of synchrotron light in cooperation with SRIS, PhoSIC, and A-Sync (image 1).