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International collaboration smart lab
Research Activities

Development of a new synthetic method and application for functional inorganic nanoparticles with precise control of size, shape, composition, and surface

Research on the synthesis and application of inorganic nanoparticles is the main focus. We are developing new synthetic methods for so-called single nanoparticles of 10 nm or less, controlling nanohetero-structures on the surface of materials, and controlling mesopores and nanopores of porous materials such as zeolites. There are extensions of the development of the Gel-Sol and solvothermal method, which are methods for obtaining monodisperse particles with well-matched size and shape by separating nucleation and growth and preventing aggregation during particle growth. In terms of applications, it is being developed for application research as transparent conductive films, catalysts, sensor materials, and electrode materials.
Recently, as a new synthesis method for porous materials in particular, the mechanochemical-hydrothermal synthesis method has been widely developed for all types of zeolites, and zeolite catalysts with a unique structure have been developed. We are developing into hydrocarbon synthesis, reforming reactions, and other fine chemicals synthesis reactions.

Development research of petroleum alternative synthesis methods for Carbon Neutrality

Functional nanoparticles jointly developed by Kanie Laboratory