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Data visualization smart lab
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Integration of synchrotron radiation measurement and data science for functional visualization

Many materials and organisms are heterogeneous and complex systems with spatial hierarchical structures ranging from atoms (micro) to millimeters (macro). Therefore, to design new materials and to elucidate biological functions, it is essential to understand the microstructure, elemental distribution, and electronic state at the mesoscale, which connects the micro and macro scales. By using imaging and spectroscopic techniques with synchrotron sources, we can analyze the microstructure, elemental distribution, and electronic state of samples. In particular, coherent diffraction imaging using the coherence of synchrotron radiation is attracting attention as a next-generation X-ray microscopy method to visualize structures at the nanoscale. In addition, with the recent development of data science, it is becoming possible to extract characteristic information on structure-function relationships from the information of elements and electronic states that are intricately distributed in three-dimensional space. In this Smart Laboratory, we aim to establish a common platform for visualizing the functions of materials and organisms by utilizing data science and pioneering next-generation synchrotron radiation imaging and spectroscopy methods.

Conceptual diagram of material function visualization through the collaboration of ptychography (scanning coherent diffraction imaging) and data science