Seven coalition beamlines to meet
diverse measurement and analysis needs 

With an extensive lineup of measurement methods, synchrotron radiation facilities meet the need for observation and verification which are the fundamentals of science. Compared to existing synchrotron radiation facilities for soft X-rays in Japan, the next-generation synchrotron radiation facility is designed to achieve much higher brilliance. This excellent light-source performance enables the observation of an object’s configuration and state of reaction on a nanoscale.

The first ten beamlines are to be installed at the next-generation synchrotron radiation facility. Seven of them are coalition beamlines, and coalition members have priority access to them. There are two types of laboratories called endstations. The first type is for “highly automated measurements” where routine measurements are conducted efficiently and flexibly. The second one is for “advanced measurements” that can be used to conduct measurements in the development process, such as operando spectroscopic analysis and multidimensional coherent imaging, and install innovation benches for challenging measurements. Coalition members can participate in discussions about the coalition beamlines, and their operating systems from the design phase.

Feature of beamline design

Beam splitting technique for multi-user simultaneous use of the beamline

BL-I(09U) Concept of the X-ray operand spectroscopy beamline

BL-III (09W) Concept of the X-ray Hierarchical structural analysis beamline