International Summits Hosted

Tohoku University regularly holds international synchrotron radiation summits with the aim of creating an international network connecting synchrotron radiation facilities and a base for exchange among researchers. Representatives from overseas facilities based in Silicon Valley and the Paris-Saclay research complex, as well as other domestic and international universities and industries have gathered to share information and exchange views. A communiqué is declared at each summit, representing consensus among representatives of the participating institutions.

  • Post Symposium of TOCAT9

    date:July 30th, Saturday - 31th, Sunday, 2022

    Synchrotron radiation (SR) facility is remarkably strong tool for the characterization of catalysts and the other materials. Next generation SR facility (NGSR) is now under construction in Aobayama new campus of Tohoku University. This symposium will be held as a post one of TOCAT9 in Sendai. See the Scope as the outline..

  • 3rd International Forum for Innovation in Next Generation Synchrotron Radiation

    date: July 1, 2021

    The 3rd international forum was held to share the latest outcomes by synchrotron radiation scientists from the world's major synchrotron radiation facilities and to strengthen international collaborative networks. During the "International Summit" (closed to the public), representatives of major synchrotron radiation facilities from various countries discussed international collaboration, how synchrotron radiation facilities should be utilized in situations wherein infectious diseases are widespread, and the feasibility of utilizing next-generation synchrotron radiation facilities.

  • AOBA Summit2 (SR20)

    date: April 24, 2020

    Representatives from 20 major synchrotron radiation facilities and related academic organizations around the world participated online in the 2nd international summit of major synchrotron radiation facilities and exchanged information on related research in controlling infectious diseases considered to be caused by novel coronaviruses. As an agreement of this meeting, "AOBA communique 2" was announced, which declares that the world's synchrotron radiation facilities will work together through strategic international cooperation to control infectious diseases.

  • 1st International Forum for Innovation in Next Generation Synchrotron Radiation(SR)

    date: April 22, 2019

    The 1st international forum invited representatives of synchrotron radiation facilities from around the world, and it was held with the aim of building strong collaborative relationships between universities, research institutions and synchrotron radiation facilities in Japan and abroad. The participants also discussed issues related to Tohoku University's important role in promoting industry-academia collaboration utilizing the next-generation synchrotron radiation facility and the formation of research complexes. The participants agreed to establish a global summit meeting to be held as a regular forum for promoting international collaboration.