Multimodal measurement smart lab

Associate Professor YOSHIDA Junya
・Visualization using quantum beams
・Development of measurement and analysis systems for next-generation synchrotron radiation facilities
Quantum beam imaging, measurement techniques
Research Activities

Comprehensive development of measurement systems for next-generation synchrotron radiation facilities

Powerful X-rays generated using an electron accelerator are widely used in various fields for observing matter from a microscopic perspective. Meanwhile the construction and operation of dedicated synchrotron radiation facilities around the world, "Nano Terasu" being built on a campus of Tohoku University, and it can supply top-class high-brightness X-rays, enabling significant reductions in measurement time compared to conventional methods and the possibility of new styles of experimental studies of matter. I am developing advanced measurement systems that integrate optical systems, detectors, computers, networks, device control programs, analysis algorithms, and analysis tools to make innovations from this facility.
I have been conducting research in the field of particle and nuclear physics, focusing on studying small elements of matter such as neutrinos and atomic nuclei. Furthermore, I have applied the particle detection technologies that were developed through the research to develop new imaging techniques, such as cosmic ray muon radiography and neutron imaging with μm precision. The comprehensive development of analysis systems was essential to realizing the research. As a culmination of these experiences, I am developing the measurement system for Nano Terasu. I also aim to explore interdisciplinary fields between material, elementary particle, and atomic nuclear science.