Bio-spectroscopic measurement smart lab

Associate Professor YIN Zhong
・Attosecond Chemistry
・Chemical Physics
・Ultrafast Spectroscopy 
・Method and Instrument Developments
・Ultrafast Spectroscopy
・High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy
・High Harmonic Spectroscopy
・Table-Top Sources
Research Activities

Research of photoinduced bio-chemical dynamics in the liquid phase

The main goal of my research is to capture and study bio-chemical processes in real time. To realize the making of the so-called “molecular movie”, the majority of my research utilizes synchrotron like the new high brilliant source NanoTerasu as well as free-electron-laser facilities, and table-top sources, e.g. high-harmonic-generation (HHG) to study the electronic structure and photoinduced dynamics of bio-chemical system in their natural environment, the liquid phase. My research includes among others the development of adequate instrumentation and sample delivery systems to investigate chemical systems and reactions via X-ray and high-harmonic spectroscopy with extraordinary time and high energy resolution.