Next-generation detection system Smart Lab

Professor YASHIRO Wataru
X-ray optics, X-ray imaging, X-ray tomography, multimodality, quantum beam, medical diagnostics
Research Activities

Exploring the frontiers of the 4D world

We live in a 4D world of three dimensions (3D) plus time, but in the 4D spatio-temporal domain of less than the order of micrometers and less than the order of milliseconds, there is a vast unknown world that is inaccessible even with the most advanced measurement technology.
I am developing new imaging technologies that dramatically exceed the conventional limits by making full use of quantum properties of high-energy beams such as X-rays, advanced micro/nano fabrication technologies, and data science technologies. I am taking on the challenge of opening up the uncharted 4D world.
I am working on the following research themes.
1. Development and application of millisecond temporal-resolution 4DX-ray tomography
We have succeeded in developing millisecond temporal-resolution X-ray tomography (CT) for the first time in the world by making full use of synchrotron radiation and state-of-the-art data science technologies.
2. Development of X-ray elastography
We are developing a technique to visualize the distribution of elastic moduli inside a sample with high spatial resolution by X-ray imaging. It is expected to be applied to medical diagnosis and functional soft material research.
3. Development of X-ray optical elements
We are developing optical elements to realize X-ray imaging beyond the conventional limit by using advanced micro/nano fabrication technology.
4. Exploring new modalities
By combining X-ray structural analysis of surfaces and interfaces with X-ray imaging techniques using advanced X-ray interferometry, we are also challenging to develop new modalities, such as visualizing the spatial distribution of structural parameters of surfaces and interfaces.

Temporal and spatial resolution of methods for nondestructive three-dimensional observation of the interior of an object opaque to visible light (W. Yashiro et al., Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 8868).

An example of real-time 4D X-ray CT observation of the tensile fracture process of tire rubber (temporal resolution: 10 msec) (click here for movie).

In the world we live in, there is a vast spatio-temporal region that has yet to be discovered. I would like to explore this space-time frontier with you.