International collaboration Smart lab

Associate Professor NOMURA Hikaru
International Center for Synchrotron Radiation Innovation Smart
Concurrent : National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS)
Artificial intelligence with nanomagnets
Development of high functional scanning probe microscope
Magnetic quantum dot cellular automata, Reservoir computing, Magnetic force microscopy, Scanning probe microscopy
Research Activities

Seeking an intelligent behavior hidden in nano-magnetic materials

Nanomagnets can be used not only as storage elements but also as logic gates via magneto-static interactions. Moreover, these nanomagnets can serve as a strain sensor. With these human-like functions, (sense, remember, and compute), we aim to create a human-like intelligent system that can cooperate with humans.
To accelerate our research, we are developing a new measurement technique utilizing scanning probe microscopy (SPM). SPM offers the advantage of high-resolution imaging and the capability to manipulate sample surfaces. By combining SPM with the light from NanoTerasu, we plan to develop an advanced multifunctional measurement system.