Multiscalel measurement smart lab

Senior Assistant Professor MAKI Sachiko
Multimodal visualization of nano-scale structure/property ensemble by advanced synchrotron radiation measurement
single-/powder-crystal XRD measurement, XAFS measurement, Maximum entropy method (MEM)/Rietveld analysis, structure/property correlation in functional materials
Research Activities

Exploring the multidimensional correlation between structure and function on multiple scales

To improve practicality of functional materials, the “tuning of properties under trade-off state,” for example, high conductivity and low thermal conductivity in the thermoelectric materials, is essential in materials sciences. The development of the multimodal measurement system using synchrotron radiation (SR) requires not only the average atomic arrangement as crystal structure, but also other information related with non-stoichiometric effect as defects, heterogeneous tissue, structural fluctuation, etc.
In order to develop a practical materials design tool that can provide design guidelines for practical functions at macroscopic sizes, the following research is being conducted:
  1. Visualization of information on the materials’ structure and electronic state by combining data from SR-xray diffraction, xray absorption spectroscopy, and photo emission spectroscopy.
  2. Visualization of the correlation among properties, microscopic non-uniform structures, and their electronic states from the atomic scale to mesoscale crystalline field by utilizing xray ptychography.
The scientific method of imagining and hypothesizing between what is visible and invisible, and then expressing it after testing it, can be useful in any aspect of life.