Interface measurement Smart lab

Associate Professor HOSHINO Taiki
International Center for Synchrotron Radiation Innovation Smart
Concurrent : Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
- Dynamical analysis of non-equilibrium and heterogeneous systems by coherent X-ray scattering technique
- Analysis of dynamics related to surface and interface phenomena
X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy, dynamics, dynamic heterogeneity, surface and interface
Research Activities

Understanding the microscopic dynamics of non-equilibrium systems with heterogeneity

The material properties are determined not only by their static structure but also by dynamic fluctuations. In our research, we use high coherent X-rays obtained from high-brilliance synchrotron radiation sources to observe the dynamics at the nanoscale in order to understand the underlying physical phenomena and the origin of macroscopic physical properties. In collaboration with theoretical physics, synthetic chemistry, and industry, we are tackling the elucidation of a variety of complex phenomena, such as dynamic heterogeneity near glass transition temperature, dynamical phenomena in colloidal liquid crystal systems, and dynamics during the curing process of resins.

The decrease in dynamic heterogeneity near the glass transition temperature under shear was observed experimentally for the first time.

The curing process of thermosetting resin was clarified from the microscopic dynamics.

I had no experience using synchrotron radiation X-rays or even laboratory X-rays when I was a student. However, when I was a postdoctoral researcher, I was given the opportunity to set up an instrument at a synchrotron radiation facility, which enabled me to enter a new research field. We hope you will consider advanced research using the new synchrotron radiation facility.